Why Many Women Propose on February 29th?

2019 may not have been a leap year. However, it is good to look ahead since 2020 is going to be one. This is because there are so many traditions associated with a leap year. One such tradition is the opportunity for a woman to propose to a man. Although you may consider it to be a myth, the Irish tradition views a leap year as the perfect opportunity for a woman to take things on her hands and get down on her knee.

You must remember that we are living in an era where a woman can definitely ask a man their hand in marriage. However, in Ireland this tradition was specifically preserved for a leap year and most often than not that extra day, February 29. But where did this tradition come from. Looking back through history, it is believed the tradition started way back in the 5th century after a complaint by St. Brigid of Kildare to St. Patrick. She was totally against the long period that women had to wait before getting a proposal from a man.

Just like any other tradition, there were consequences for men who refused a proposal from a woman on 29th February. This punishment came in the form of a fine that one had to pay. For instance, a man could be asked to give a kiss payment for a pair of gloves or a silk dress. In some societies,a man would have to buy 12 pairs of gloves for the woman you rejected. These gloves were believed to hide the shame of not having a ring to wear.Now you know why women propose on February 29th. You can opt to try this tradition during the next leap year and see how your man will take it.